Why choose WordPress as a CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS based website builder. This article explains why.

With so many people using WordPress as their platform, there is a chance for users to cheat with it. WordPress is widely used by big business organizations. With millions of users, you have a good chance to cheat on your statistics.

You may start out small but there is no point in going for the big guys. A WordPress website must be built to last. Most websites are designed on the basis of flash templates. Flash templates were considered cool a few years ago.

However with a user-friendly web-based template like WordPress, chances are it will be easy to build a website on your own. The more complicated templates that can cost thousands of dollars are considered a luxury now.

The more complicated WordPress based templates that require many components are probably not a good idea. A newbie website builder who has limited knowledge about html or php won’t have a full understanding of what they are doing when building a website.

Before you start with creating a website, make sure you know which different elements to use and which ones do not work. For example, if you want to use a ‘mixed content’ structure, you might be able to include text and pictures in the same page. However some CMS’s cannot support such HTML tags. Such elements are not supported by many CMS.

If you have made a decision to create a website on WordPress, make sure you understand how to operate it. Being an expert in WordPress will help you develop your site in a better way.

If you want to create a website using a template, you have to be familiar with html. The disadvantage of using a template is that it is easy to learn html. There are some basic html tags that you need to master to be able to create a website in a professional manner.

A website design is all about being professional to your visitors. Building a website from scratch might seem easier, but only if you understand html coding. This is one aspect of the design that a beginner should really think about.

WordPress is the most popular website building tool, but it might not be the best CMS. With a dedicated web-based website builder like WordPress, you won’t need to mess around with html.