Change links & image links to https


You have made a migration of your WordPress from http to https but some links and images still have “http” into their URL ?

The cause

When you migrate your website from an URL to another URL or simply change http to https, some URLs may not be changed. Why ? There are lots of explanations: your page & post content have not been changed, you use a custom plugin or a custom shortcode etc.

The solution

The goal is to replace every URLs, you can do it manually of course but it may be a pain when there are a lot of URLs !

We highly recommend to use a search & replace plugin.

For example Better Search Replace is a must have. This plugin will allow you to replace everything existing into your database.

The use of this plugin is pretty simple. You have to search for and replace with in all tables.

If this plugin is not enough to solve your plugin, you should try Really simple SSL. This plugin will transform all your non-secure URLs when it is enabled.

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