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Error with access on wp-admin

Your try to access your WordPress Back-Office admin on /wp-admin folder but you got an error.

If you see this page it is because you have reached the default website. This should not happen under normal circumstances. Probably you are trying to access your website using a name which has not been configured on your website, or your DNS record is not pointing to the right server.

The same error code may appear also with your local WordPress language in addition.

Why this error ?

Most of cases, these errors appear when you have an SSL problem when you try to access the admin dashboard.

Here is the list of some possible causes below:

  • You try to log in to your dashboard through HTTPS:// and you don’t have a valid SSL certificate.
  • The server is not configured with a valid SSL certificate or your HTTPS doesn’t work correctly on your server.
  • DNS settings have a problem. The domain name is not properly configured to point to your hosting.

The solution

Here is a list to see point by point which solutions are possible according to the causes stated above.

On the client-side :

  • Try to access wp-admin using http not with https

If you try to access your dashboard on HTTP://, your SSL certificate will not be required and your page may be displayed. Pay attention to your browser, if there is a security alert, just add your website on exception.

When you can access your admin, we also recommend you install an SSL plugin like Really Simple SSL on your setup or follow our guide about “How to use Https on WordPress“.

On the server-side :

  • Add a valid SSL certificate on your hosting. Maybe your certificate has expired or does not exist anymore on your hosting provider. Configure it, for example with Let’s Encrypt and try to access your WordPress admin.

On the domain side :

  • Change your DNS from your domain name. If your DNS entries are not well filled, then your hosting will not be reached. Keep in mind that updating DNS may take time to update across the world, sometime until 24 hours.

Still stuck ? You can contact an expert.

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