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Fix empty cart under Woocommerce

For a Few Reason, occasionally you add products to cart however, the cart page remains empty.

It could only be an easy cache problem (and even if you do not understand what cache is, that is no issue either).

Even without special technical knowledge, here is a list of things to check for that empty cart problem.

Make sure There’s not any”red alert” with WooCommerce > System Status

The most important things are to make sure that all of your “WC Pages” are set up correctly, that the shopping cart page includes the appropriate shortcode, and that your theme does not have an outdated WooCommerce template override file.

Be sure that theme, WooCommerce & WordPress are latest versions

Some elements will not inform you if there’s an upgrade available. You need to be certain that you’re using the lastest, Woo-compatible edition. Check with your theme’s developer / plugin’s and determine if anything has to be updated.

You may have to upgrade WooCommerce too. Occasionally free or premium plugins/themes need a few days/weeks until they could accommodate to the new changes (if important) and eventually become 100% compatible.

Flush your own permalinks

Proceed to WordPress > Settings > Permalinks and click “save” or”updade” button. This will flush permalinks and provide you an opportunity to check the cart.

Check if you don’t have any spaces on your checkout endpoints

Proceed to WooCommerce > Settings > Advanced > Checkout Endpoints and be certain that to don’t have any spaces on your endpoints.

Properly install your WordPress cache plugin

Cart and My Account webpages shouldn’t be cached. In case your WordPress cache plugin is for some reason caching these WooCommerce webpages, your cart will likely appear empty. Be sure to select a WooCommerce-compatible cache plugin

Also: request your hosting to disable or correctly set up server-side cache

Some hosting services have their own cache program like Varnish and this is occasionally implemented to your own website by default. Produce a ticket or give them a quick call to discover if they have anything like this and if they could configure/disable this as soon as you can.

Disable every plugin except WooCommerce

This is a normal troubleshooting operation. Disable all plugins and see whether the cart page is back working. If so, reactivate one plugin at a time and examine the cart page. You will locate the”guiltyplugin. It’s time to substitute this plugin or see whether there’s an upgrade available!

Try switching to a default WordPress Theme

This is to check that the mistake isn’t theme-related. You won’t lose any settings by changing themes. If the error goes away, then consult your theme developer and report the problem.

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