Problem with the Maintenance page

Here is a tutorial to learn how to manually remove of WordPress’ maintenance mode in case your website becomes stuck when you try to access a page. You could be wondering exactly what it is and why it occurs. Well anytime you make an upgrade for your plugins or themes, WordPress maintenance page appears and display text which explains that your website is temporarily inaccessible. Normally the updates just take a couple of seconds and therefore are too short to notice.

However, at times the method gets interrupted midway. The problem could be due to the host connection or maybe a browser or webpage was closed during the upgrading process. In any situation, there’s a simple fix for this.

The file “. maintenance” remains within the root

Usually, the .maintenance file is the main reason of stuck WordPress websites.

    You have access to your file on own server with an FTP program, or the document manager accessible through your hosting provider (cPanel > File Manager).

    As soon as you’re connected to a FTP server, search at the main folder to find out whether there’s a file called .maintenance present. Choose and delete it. (The root folder is the WordPress folder ).

    After deleting the”.maintenance”, it’s suggested to clean your browser cache and then reload your website homepage. Your website should be accessible now.

Theme & plugin not updated properly

Occasionally a mistake in a plugin or a theme can cause this situation. Renaming the “plugins” or “themes” folder will help to find the cause.

 Once more, you’ll need to connect to your FTP.

On the “wp-content” folder, change the “plugins” folder into something else such as “plugins-temporary”. After the “plugins” folder is renamed, WordPress will deactivate each of the plugins on your website.

Refresh the site to find out if your website loads. If it loads, the problem comes from the plugins.

In your FTP server, return to “wp-content” folder, then renameplugins-temporary” back into “plugins“. Then login to your website’s WP Admin, visit Plugins, then trigger the plugins one by one to determine which one is causing the issue. As soon as you discover the plugin in question, delete this particular plugin folder onto your FTP server. Then try to re install the plugin . If the issue continues after reinstalling the most recent version, contact the plugin’s developer because there may be bugs from a feature.

If your website still does not load after assessing the “plugins” folder, then return to the”wp-content” folder. This time rename the “themes” folder into something else such as “themes-old“.

Again, refresh your site to find out if your website loads. If your website is loading after assessing the themes folder, then the matter is connected to the triggered theme – you might then proceed into the last solution under.

The last solution

In your FTP server, return to the “wp-content” folder, then rename the “themes-old” back into “themes“. Then visit the “themes” folder and then delete the theme folder. Once you delete the theme folder, then reinstall the theme with the most recent version. If the issue continues after reinstalling the new theme version, talk to the theme developer.

WordPress’ maintenance mode difficulty may occur from time to time and the repair is relatively straightforward.

Still stuck ? You can contact an expert.

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